BCA introduces a new banding system for assessing construction quality

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The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has come up with a new system of banding to be used in the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) to help prospective buyers assess the performance from developers and builders by analyzing their performance of private residential construction projects over the last six years.

Developers as well as builders and private residential developments will be assessed on a scale from Band 1 (very very low rate for major defect) up to band 6 (higher rate of serious defects) in the new CONQUAS bandsing scheme.

As per Neo Choon Keong, Deputy director of industry development at BCA, the brand new CONQUAS banding system builds upon the current CONQUAS framework to give more precise evaluation of the quality of performance from developers and builders by analyzing their track records.

CONQUAS evaluates the quality of construction projects prior to inspection. It is based upon a test of the components in a building. It is focused on identifying serious defects that might affect the functionality of the unit or negatively impact the quality of life, such as water seepage in the walls, interfloor tiles breaking off, or broken glass. Data from the past shows in Band 1 projects, only 0.6 per 1,000 dwelling units were found to have significant defects.

CONQUAS is a CONQUAS scheme was created at the beginning of 1989 BCA to offer the built environment with a an assessment standard for the quality of construction work. According to BCA the sector’s quality standards have improved from an equivalent to the industry and has risen to the Band 4 level equivalent to the Band 2 equivalent by 2022.

BCA says it has observed an increase of 25% reduction in the major violations pertaining to the seepage of water between floors and the proper internal wall tile installation for inspections starting in 2013 until 2022, as compared to inspections conducted from between 2003 and 2012.

Firms that have a track record of delivering projects that are free of major flaws are classified in Bands 1 or 2. At present there are the 20 developers as well as 15 construction companies are in Band 1, which includes City Developments Limited (CDL) and Woh Hup (Private) Limited and Woh Hup (Private) Limited, both of which have received their BCA Quality Excellence award for ten consecutive years from the award’s creation in 2013. According to BCA that they have continuously created ‘Band 1’ private housing projects in conjunction.

Chia Ngiang Hong who is the group director of CDL, claims that CDL, a property developer is using a digital quality management system in which “unites builders and their customers through a single mobile application platform to manage issues effectively” since. “CDL continues to collaborate with its project partners to ensure high-quality results under the newly developed CONQUAS bands system.” Chia says. Chia.

In the words of Selvamani Murugappan director of QA/QC for Woh Hup, “the CONQUAS banding system will enable buyers to distinguish top quality homes and builders from other homes”.

Thus BCA’s Neo advises homebuyers to do a thorough search by using the Quality Housing Portal and CONQUAS banding system prior to purchasing an property.