Cushman & Wakefield, a New York-listed real estate services firm, has announced the appointment of John Forrester as CEO

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Novo Place completion date

Cushman & Wakefield has announced that John Forrester, the New York-listed real estate company’s chief executive officer who will retire from his post on June 30, after 35 years in the business. In a press announcement, Cushman & Wakefield named Michelle Mackay, currently its COO and president As Forrester’s successor. The appointment will be effective on July 1 and she’ll also be joining the board of directors of the company.

Novo Place completion date is expected to house 375 elegant and spacious family-friendly units with a maximum height of 60 meters to 70 Metres in the Singapore height datum.

In addition, Andrew McDonald, currently president of Cushman & Wakefield, has been elevated to the position of global president and COO and is responsible for all of the company’s service lines as well as regions.

Forrester will continue to work for Cushman & Wakefield as a strategic advisor until the end of December. “On behalf of the Cushman and Wakefield’s board of directors I would like to thank John for his commitment and commitment to the firm as well as to those in the real estate service industry over the course of his long and successful profession,” notes Brett White who is the Cushman & Wakefield’s executive chairman.

Mackay was hired by Cushman & Wakefield as a member of the company’s director’s board in the year 2018. Mackay was named COO in 2020, and was promoted to COO and president on January 1, 2022. Prior to that she was the executive vice-president for investments, and the head of capital markets at iStar, Inc.

McDonald has been working for Cushman & Wakefield for over 20 years. McDonald was named president in 2021and is responsible for one of the largest divisions within the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.